Lafferty HPSS Foamer

Lafferty Ultimate Foamer

Lafferty Spray-All

Hydrominder Proportioner

Pop-Can Sprayer

Barrel Mixer for powdered soap

Precise chemical dilution control and proper application
procedures are essential in achieving maximum product
As part of our service and support, we will evaluate your
cleaning requirements and recommend the products and
equipment that will help to best meet your needs.
Shown here are some examples of the typical equipment
that we have available for dispensing and controlling the
application of our products.
We are continually looking for innovative equipment that
can help our customers obtain the maximum benefit from
our products.

Product Application Equipment

Pop-Can Sprayer


Industrial  Cleaning Chemicals

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Hot Tank and Spray Washer Cleaners
Acidic Cleaners
Oilfield Specialties
Water Treatment
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Product Application Equipment
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